baby sensory

Your baby or toddler is learning about the world around it all the time. Allow your baby to experience a wide range of their senses, to help develop their brain structure and advance their learning. Baby sensory classes are now very common and the benefits of letting your baby experience this sensory stimulation are widely documented. What is really valuable however, is combining these sensory activities with the love for reading that Tiny Tales fosters.

What is baby sensory?

Baby sensory activities for babies and toddlers
Sensory experiences come in many different forms, whether its varying colours, a range of textures and interesting sounds. Tiny Tales sessions incorporate a wide range of sensory activities. However rather than allowing your baby to experience them stand-alone without context, they are instead closely linked to the theme of the story. This brings all of the benefits of allowing your baby to experience sensory, but also helps them place these experiences into context.

Sensory in our Tiny Tales sessions

For example, in a woodland based story our Tiny Tales babies and toddlers will experience different textures from that environment. This might be crunchy sticks and twigs, crispy leaves, hairy foliage or soft moss. In a winter story, we might encounter (fake) snow, ice and water. Bubbles, lights and spiky balls are always a hit. We also have sensory blankets, lycra and sparkly balls. We’ve also been known to feel foodstuffs like jelly and spaghetti, listen to animal noises and match objects based on colour and shape.

Join us!

If you like the idea of your baby experiencing great sensory experiences, as part of a fun, interactive story based session, then why not give Tiny Tales a try? We run weekly sessions in Hawarden, Mold and Chester. To book on, simply fill in our booking form and we’ll email you all the information. We can’t wait to meet your baby and toddler at our Tiny Tales baby sensory and story sessions.